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  • 6:30 pm
  • Alternating Thursday evenings

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The Board of Selectmen consists of three members elected by the voters for three-year overlapping terms.

NamePositionTerm Expiration 
Robyn Hunter
John D. Jeffries


The Board of Selectmen is the chief executive body of the Town. It is responsible for the general direction of the Town government, enacting rules and regulations to establish and implement town policies unless such powers are specifically assigned to some other office or agency.

The Board of Selectmen is responsible for approving all personnel policy guidelines and regulations. It also has responsibility for hiring town employees in the departments for which it has responsibility.

Meeting Warrants, Licensing & Appointment Duties

The Selectmen issue the warrants for Town Meetings and may make recommendations on various warrant articles; initiate legislative policy by inserting articles in Town Meeting warrants and then implement the votes subsequently adopted. 

The Selectmen make appointments of members for most boards and committees and hold public hearings on important town issues. The Selectmen also serve as the licensing board responsible for issuing and renewing liquor licenses.

Massachusetts General Laws

The Board of Selectmen, acting as the chief executive board of the town, has certain powers and duties under state statute. To read these laws please visit the Massachusetts State Website which provides an online catalog of Massachusetts General Laws (MGL), by Chapter (C) and Section (s/§).

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

A. There shall be a three-member Board of Selectmen elected on a rotating basis of one member each year for a three-year term. The Board of Selectmen shall have the general direction and management of the property and affairs of the town in all cases not otherwise provided for by law and shall perform their duties in accordance with MGL Chapter 41, Sections 1, 21, inclusively. The Selectmen shall be the Police Commissioners and Water Commissioners for the Town. The Selectmen may appear, either personally or by counsel, before any committee of the Legislature or board or commission to protect the interest of the Town.

B. The Selectmen, shall, in their annual report, state specifically what Town ways and county ways have been laid out, altered or ordered, what damages have been assessed and paid, what claims are outstanding, and what claims have been asserted against the Town, with all the circumstances relating thereto.

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