Dunkin Donuts

The Town received a proposal from local business owners to operate a Dunkin Donuts franchise in the space most recently occupied by Taffy Café. Because this represents an "Extension of Use," (though not a "Change in Use"), the applicant filed a preliminary site plan with the Planning Board. 

The site plan filed was a delineation of existing conditions. No changes to the site were proposed. An application for a sign permit was also filed. A Use and Occupancy Permit was issued on December 15. 

The facility is now open.

Plan Options

The Planning Board was limited to one of two possible decisions for its review of a preliminary site plan:

  • Approve the preliminary site plan as presented (i.e. no conditions can be imposed)
  • Require a full site plan review.

Because of the "Extension of Use," the Planning Board voted unanimously to require a full site plan review at its meeting of June 1, 2015. Full site plan review requires information on various topics affecting the site and its surroundings and it allows "reasonable conditions" to be imposed.

Zoning Bylaw

The Zoning Bylaw clearly states that "Site plan approval is a regulation of a use rather than prohibition of a use."

The following links to relevant documents are provided to help interested persons understand the proposal as well as the review process specified in the Zoning Bylaw.