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1. Do Board members have regular office hours in the Town House?
2. How do I apply for an appointment to a town board or committee?
3. How do I get a copy of past meeting minutes?
4. How do I request a copy of a public record?
5. When is the next Selectmen’s meeting?
6. What is going to be discussed at the next Selectmen’s meeting?
7. How Do You Contact Or Meet with a Selectmen?
8. How Do You Request Placement On A Board of Selectmen Meeting Agenda?
9. How Do You Contact Or Meet with the Town Administrator?
10. How Do You View Board of Selectmen Meeting Agendas and Minutes?
11. How Do You Place An Article On the Annual Town Meeting Warrant?
12. How Do You Change a Town Bylaw?
13. How Do You Become a Member of a Board or Committee?
14. How Can You Volunteer in Town?