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  • Anna Nagy, Member
    Term Expires: 2025
  • Tim Holiner, Member
    Term Expires: 2023
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  • Christy Royer Violin, Member
    Term Expires: 2025

Consulting Conservation Agent

Janet Hartke Bowser
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The Dover Conservation Commission is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Conservation Commission administers and enforces the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Dover Wetlands Protection Bylaw, which regulate all activities within 100 feet of any wetland resource or 200 feet of any perennial stream or river. The Commission also oversees the management of more than 450 acres of town-owned conservation land in Dover.

Wetlands Protection Act

The Massachusetts Legislature passed the Wetlands Protection Act in 1972. Conservation Commissions were established in each Commonwealth city and town for the purpose of enforcing this law.

In 1986, revised 1994, revised 2013, revised 2020, the Town of Dover created its own Wetlands Protection Bylaw. The Dover Conservation Commission is charged with the enforcement of this bylaw also.

In addition the Commission provides information to the public regarding wetlands protection and why it is important to them as a homeowner.

Request for Determination of Applicability or Notice of Intent

Any projects proposed within 100 feet of wetlands or within 200 feet of a perennial waterway require the filing of either a Request for Determination of Applicability or Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission to obtain a permit. Application forms are required by both the Town of Dover and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

There shall be a seven-member Conservation Commission appointed by the Board of Selectmen on a rotating basis of two or three members each year for three-year terms. Associate members may be appointed by the Board of Selectmen each year to one-year terms as non-voting members. The Conservation Commission’s duties and authority shall include, but shall not be limited to, those specified in Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 40, Section 8C and Chapter 131, Section 40.

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