File Complaint

Complaints can be submitted multiple ways and are anonymous if requested. The complaints will be handled by DPW staff.

  1. DPW phone line: 508-785-0058
  2. DPW email:
  3.  Click to complete online complaint submission form

Upon receiving a complaint, the following actions are triggered:

  1. Upon receiving a complaint regarding suspected improper water use, the Dover DPW will send out an employee to witness / investigate the violation.
  2. If the employee witnesses or is able to confirm the violation occurring, a written assessment will be completed and provided to the DPW Director or their designee.
  3. The DPW Director or their designee will send the documented address a letter outlining the current status of water restrictions and resources on limiting water consumption.
  4.  This process will be repeated once again if there are separate complaints on different days at least one week apart.
  5. Any address found in further violation of the Town’s Water Use Restrictions bylaw, and who has received two prior letters* in the same calendar year, will be subject to the fine schedule outlined in Chapter 182, Section 13 of the Town of Dover Water Use Restrictions Bylaw for any subsequent offense.

* Aquarion Water Company customers will receive the letters from Aquarion Water Company. Any Aquarion Water Company customer found in violation of section 3.5 of this policy will receive all subsequent correspondence from the Town of Dover