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Homepage News Submittal

  1. Please use the form if you’d like to place something on the homepage of the Dover town website. Please keep it as brief as possible. The Town Clerk will let you know if it is not appropriate for the Dover town website. Organizations eligible to put notices on the homepage of the website include town departments, boards and committees.
  2. This is the title of your news for the homepage.
  3. If you'd like to include a link, please include the URL of the link. Please keep it as brief as possible.
  4. If there's a picture or file you'd like to include please upload it here. The file size limit is 2MB which should be large enough for most files. If your file is larger than that please email it to the Town Clerk or bring it in to the office.
  5. (Can be changed at the discretion of the Town Clerk)
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