2022 Caucus Results

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General Caucus Information

The Caucus is a meeting of citizens called by the Selectmen and usually held in March or April for the purpose of making nominations for local offices. Any citizen seeking an office may have his or her name placed in nomination, be seconded, and have his or her qualifications stated. 

When the nominations are closed, the polls are opened and all registered voters present may vote for the candidates of their choice. They are provided with a ballot on which only the offices, not names, are printed. Each voter fills in the names as desired.

The two people receiving the highest number of votes cast for an office become official Caucus Nominees and are so designated on the ballot on Election Day.

Nomination Papers

A citizen who was unsuccessful in becoming a Caucus Nominee, or did not have his or her name presented at the Caucus, may run on nomination papers. These are obtained from the Town Clerk and must be signed by 39 registered voters. Nomination papers must be filed with the Board of Registrars at the Town Clerk’s office at least 49 days before Election Day.

Write-In Candidates

In addition to the more traditional process of Town Caucus and Nomination Papers, occasionally a candidate will seek election by having voters write in his/her name on the printed ballot on Election Day.