Financial & Energy Assistance Coordinator


The Financial and Energy Assistance Coordinator is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Responsibilities include:

  • Provides information about federal, state, and local energy assistance to persons experiencing financial hardship meeting their energy needs
  • Attends a 4-hour workshop every year - The purpose of this workshop is to receive the necessary applications for the SMOC program. This is a state funded program for energy needs (fuel assistance) and has very strict guidelines to which all clients must adhere.
  • Meets with the Salvation Army to receive forms and applications for food vouchers - The Salvation Army provides Holiday Dinners for those in need through the Energy Coordinator.
  • Drives clients to Welfare and Social Security for benefit evaluation as the need arises
  • Provides answers to questions regarding energy assistance and other concerns relating to financial hardship


The Financial and Energy Assistance Coordinator can meet privately with an applicant. Please contact the Coordinator.