Caryl Park & Playfields

outdoor wooden sign in rural area reading Caryl FieldCaryl Park was donated to the Town of Dover by George E. Chickering in 1917.

It is an 83 acre parcel of land that is designated to Dover residents as a Public Park forever, and to be used for Recreational use. Caryl Park borders Noanet Woodlands, which is owned by the Trustees of Reservations. Today, people of all ages can be found enjoying the land at Caryl Park in many different ways. Whether families are there for sporting events, to play in the playground, play a round of tennis, shoot some hoops, or just go for a nice walk, there is something everyone can enjoy.

Facilities Located at Caryl Park include:

  • 2-5 year old Playground Structure
  • 5-13 year old Playground Structure
  • Tennis Courts (Please note: The Tennis Courts cannot be reserved for individuals in advance. Lessons, Summer Camp, tournaments and League games are given priority. These events and court rules are posted on a board by the courts entrance.)
  • Basketball Court
  • Walking Trails
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Caryl House

Facilities Located at Caryl Playfields include:

  • Multi-Purpose field (used for Field Hockey and Soccer in Fall and Lacrosse in Spring)
  • Baseball Diamond

Click the map below, for directions to the Caryl Park & Playfields properties:


  • Caryl Park parking area is visible to the right of the Caryl House, while
  • Caryl Playfields parking area is adjacent to the entrance of Park Street.

wooden outdoor sign reading caryl field“Carry-In, Carry-Out” Trash Policy

The Parks & Recreation Commission’s Carry-In Carry-Out trash policy is in effect at both Caryl Park and the Chickering Playfields. This policy was suggested by the Dover Recycling Committee after several seasons of over-flowing trash bins. Several other towns have similar policies in place and we have seen positive results. The goal of the new policy is to eliminate litter and improve disposal of trash, and also help teach players and parents to be responsible for their waste. Signage is posted at both parks, in multiple locations.

No Dogs Allowed

For health and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed (on leash or off leash) at Caryl Park or Chickering Playfields.


new colorful outdoor playground equipment

Tennis Courts

empty tennis court

Basketball Court

outdoor basketball court in wooded area

C1 Field & Caryl House

green grass on soccer field

C2 Field "Bug Field"

green grass on soccer field

C3 Field

green grass on soccer field

Soccer & Girls LaCrosse Field

green grass on soccer field