Tree Committee

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  • John Devine, Member
  • Nathaniel "Ty" Howe, Member
  • Laura Walter, Member


The Tree Committee is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. It’s responsibilities include the stewardship of trees located within the town’s rights-of-way. The Committee works with the Tree Warden and Superintendent of Streets to maintain various areas in town, including many of the "islands" at street intersections.

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

There shall be a three-member Tree Committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen on a rotating basis of one member each year for a three-year term. The Tree Committee shall advise and consult with the Tree Warden about the care of trees belonging to the Town, the control of Dutch elm disease and other insect pests, and the planting of frees on property belonging to the Town, and shall annually submit a written report to the Selectmen.

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